Cairo Tourist Attractions


Cairo Tourist Attractions
The Giza PlateauThe Pyramid of Khufu considered the greatest one.
It was originally 146 m (479 ft) high but now is actually 137 m (449 ft).
was constructed by more than 2 million stone, and all with manual labor.


The Great SphinxThe Sphinx, the Great Sphinx, dates from the time of Chephren human-headed lion.
Famous with the Egyptians as Abu el-Hol, the “Father of Terror.” In addition, the Greek name “Sphinx,” when translated, means “Strangler”.


Solar Boat MuseumThe Solar Boat is located by the southern of the Great Pyramid.
It was buried with the pharaoh for use on his daily trip with the sun across the sky.


The Sound and Light Show of The Pyramids

The sound and light show tells the visitors the Egyptian history with sound and laser affects on the sphinx and Giza plateau.


Djosers Step-Pyramid in SaqqaraThe Step-Pyramid was the first pyramid which was built by the architect Imhotep during the Third Dynasty.
The Djosers Step-Pyramid contains six mastabas (a then common type of tomb) be placed atop each other.


The Pyramid of MaidumIt was established for Pharaoh Huni who considered the last ruler of the Third Dynasty in Ancient Egypt.
After the step pyramid’s completion, it was usurped by Sneferu, who succeeded Huni, and then turned it into a “true” pyramid by fitting in     the steps with a special encasing.


Dashur PyramidsDahshour located at the south of Cairo for around 40 km from the city, it contains the most famous pyramids, the Red Pyramid and bent Pyramids of king snefru.


Memphis, EgyptMemphis which considered the capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom, it was founded by King Menes, and considered to be a center of rule and culture for over 3000 years the first capital of Egypt.


The Egyptian MuseumThe Egyptian Museum contains a rare collection of 5000 years of art which is considered the largest most precious collection of Egyptian art in the world. Over 250,000 genuine artifacts are presented, including an exhibit dedicated to Tutankhamen collection of treasure, gold and jewelry which was enclosed in his tomb for over 3,500 years before it was discovered in the 1920s when his tomb was discovered.


Saladin Citadel of CairoThe Citadel, also known as the Saladin Citadel of Cairo, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cairo and throughout all of Egypt.
The Citadel is part of the Muqattam Hill near the center of the city. It was once renowned for its breezes and beautiful scenery, as far back as Ayyubid ruler Salah al-Din, who built it and then fortified it against attack. The estimated construction date is between 1176 and 1183.


Khan El Khalili BazaarKhan El Khalili Bazaar tour is a major tour during your day trip in Cairo you must to visit it, which is full of traditional Egyptians products and you will enjoy during your trip with the traditional buildings.


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